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Online Dietary Analysis

Are you curious about how your diet compares to recommended dietary intake targets? Do you suffer with vitamin or mineral deficiencies, and are unsure about what you could improve? I’m here to help!

For just $50 I will analyse a 3 day snapshot of your typical diet and provide you with basic, but useful, tips and tricks on how you can move closer to RDI targets (if you can!)

The best part is that this is a fully online service, meaning where you live and how much time you have is no barrier.

If you prefer to see me face-to-face it may be possible to incorporate this service into your assessment at no extra charge, ask me how!

Don’t rely on health gurus, inaccurate apps, or unqualified trainers, click the HealthKit link below to book a slot and get meaningful feedback from an Accredited Practicing Dietitian today!

Please note: this portal is for online dietary analysis only if you would like to make a face-to-face consultation appointment see here

The booking portal will request you input a time, do not worry about this, you do not need to block out any time for this service. Once I have received your booking I will contact you. You will need to provide me with a comprehensive and detailed 3 day food diary for analysis via email or the Easy Diet Diary app (iPhone only). Basic feedback and graphs will be given to you in order to help you meet targets if you’re too low or too high.

Medicare/Health insurance rebates are not available on this service.

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