About Me

Hi, my name is Ebony, I’m an Accredited Practicing Dietitian located in Melbourne, Australia.

My Qualifications are:

  • Master of Nutrition and Dietetics from University of Canberra
  • Bachelor of Health Sciences (majoring in Nutrition and Food Studies) from Deakin University
  • Certificate IV in Hospitality (Patisserie) from William Angliss Institute
  • Certificate III in Hospitality (Operations) through traineeship

I also hold certification to provide traditional first aid and mental health first aid.

Suffice to say the common theme here is a love for food and everything related to food. This blog brings to you my life transitioning from academia into a dietetics profession, useful and easy to understand nutrition information, and delicious recipes. Forewarning, I strongly believe that a healthy diet goes beyond what we eat, into why we eat, and how we eat. I am opposed to the idea that food serves only as fuel and we are doing ourselves a disservice if we put anything but the best in it at any time. I believe sometimes it’s imperative for social health and emotional health to eat fun foods and therefore there should be concessions made to include them in a healthful diet, this is what you’ll see reflected in my blog. While most of what I post is highly nutritious, there will also occasionally be sugar, and deep frying, there’s even potential for something deep fried then coated in sugar (mmm, donuts), so don’t be surprised when you see something which would otherwise be described as “unhealthy”. I hope that you enjoy what you find here.

If you’re interested in finding out more about my journey so far and how I got here, read my first blog!